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For Wholesale – Case Study


Learn how collecting, integrating, and centrally managing product data with Lazuli PDP can benefit your business processes in the wholesale industry, and learn about the role of Lazuli PDP with real customer case studies.

– Role of Lazuli PDP in the Wholesale Industry

In the wholesale industry, which handles large quantities of all kinds of goods, it is becoming increasingly difficult for all employees to understand product information equally. What are the benefits of extending, integrating, and centrally managing product data into various master data with Lazuli PDP, in terms of existing business processes and sales support?


Lazuli Product Data Platform (Lazuli PDP) is a platform designed to seamlessly aggregate, process, and enhance product information. Its primary purpose revolves around streamlining product data management dispersed across various external databases. The goal is to organize, enrich, and present product data in a user-friendly manner.

Using advanced AI algorithms, the platform combines product master data from various sources like manufacturers, retailers, and pharmaceutical companies. It then improves these datasets by adding relevant meta tags and associations based on specific product details. Users access this information through Lazuli PDP.

Wholesale Customer Use Cases

Company A: Increased sales through centralized data management and knowledge sharing of product information as a sales support tool

By integrating the product data that companies purchase and handle into Lazuli PDP and centrally managing the characteristics and attributes of all products, we can align the level of knowledge about products that has differed from one individual to another.

When handling a vast array of products on a daily basis and going out to propose products to retail customers, an experienced sales representative who understands the characteristics of the products will know which products to propose and how to propose them during a tense event.


Creating a database of information about products and product inventory that a company has so that proposals can be made in the same way even if the person in charge is not experienced or changes, and by adding the various information that Lazuli PDP has, knowledge about products is standardized and accessible to everyone.

When new products come in, the Lazuli PDP can also be used to extend the company’s various product information so that information can be shared when proposing each product, such as where and in what quantities it is appropriate to send.

By integrating the product information held by the company with Lazuli PDP, it is possible to expand the product information required for proposals. This will standardize proposals, which used to vary depending on the experience and knowledge of sales staff, and lead to the establishment of a sales support system and the bottom-up improvement of sales skills, which in turn will lead to an increase in sales.


– Problem

Knowledge of product information differs among sales representatives within the company.

– How to use Lazuli PDP

Simply upload the JAN code, part number/model number, or other unique ID of the product you are holding to the Lazuli PDP. (Lazuli will do some of the data cleansing manually upon request).

– Effectiveness

Standardization of knowledge and skills of sales representatives.

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