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For Retailer – Case Study


Learn how collecting, integrating, and centrally managing product data with Lazuli PDP can benefit business processes and customer experience in the retail industry. The role of Lazuli PDPs will be presented based on actual customer case studies.


Lazuli Product Data Platform (Lazuli PDP) is a platform designed to seamlessly aggregate, process, and enhance product information. Its primary purpose revolves around streamlining product data management dispersed across various external databases. The goal is to organize, enrich, and present product data in a user-friendly manner.

Using advanced AI algorithms, the platform combines product master data from various sources like manufacturers, retailers, and pharmaceutical companies. It then improves these datasets by adding relevant meta tags and associations based on specific product details. Users access this information through Lazuli PDP.

Retail Customer Use Cases

Company A: Increased number of products handled in online store, improved sales

During COVID-19, demand for online stores expanded and investment in digital was expected. In this context, expanding products in the online store will contribute significantly to sales.

By using the Lazuli PDP, companies can enhance their product information, such as product description, capacity, and size, by simply linking the JAN code and product name to the Lazuli platform called the product master. The majority of the vast amount of data that used to be manually obtained and entered can now be obtained and reflected automatically. Keeping this information up-to-date frees them from the enormous amount of time required to manage product information, and allows them to carry more products in their digital stores.


The man-hours it used to take to expand and organize information in the product master can now be done automatically with Lazuli PDP.(80% reduction in man-hours and 7 times the number of products handled – Case study from Baisia) This will improve the customer experience by providing more information on the e-commerce site than ever before and helping customers understand the products better.


– Problem

Because the entry of detailed product information such as product descriptions, capacities, sizes, etc. was manual, it was labor intensive to list many products, and the number of products could not be increased.

– How to use Lazuli PDP

Upload unique IDs such as JAN codes and product names to Lazuli PDP

– Effectiveness

Reduction of staff man-hours. Increase in the number of products and sales.

Company B: Improvement of searchability and customer analysis in online stores

Appropriate tags, categories, and keywords can be assigned to product information so that when customers search for products, the products they need are displayed appropriately. This contributes to an improved customer experience.

By tying detailed information such as tags and categories to product data, products can be displayed appropriately for the keywords that customers use when searching for products online.


This will increase the likelihood of being selected by customers, as products will be displayed not only for product name searches but also for keyword combinations such as “yogurt, low-fat” or for keyword units such as “shampoo, refillable”.

By using the keywords that trigger the purchase of each product in the Lazuli PDP as tags and categories, it is possible to discover customer search intentions and preferences, such as what keywords customers use to search for and purchase products, and what kind of preferences customers have when they purchase products. What kind of preferences do customers have when purchasing products?


– Problem

Not displaying products effectively in response to customer searches

– How to use Lazuli PDP

Assign appropriate tags and categories to each product data using Lazuli PDP

– Effectiveness

Improved customer experience. Increase in the number of products purchased.

A variety of companies in the retail industry have implemented Lazuli PDP, including:

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