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Learn how Lazuli PDP can help you integrate, maintain, and manage the diverse data you have within your company in the manufacturing industry, and learn how Lazuli PDP can help you do the same, based on real customer case studies.

– Role of Lazuli PDP in the Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, where various products are manufactured in large quantities and delivered to many customers, the time required to manage product information and maintain master data is enormous. What are the benefits of integrating and managing various master data with Lazuli PDP, and adding product data as needed, in terms of business processes and customer understanding?


Lazuli Product Data Platform (Lazuli PDP) is a platform designed to seamlessly aggregate, process, and enhance product information. Its primary purpose revolves around streamlining product data management dispersed across various external databases. The goal is to organize, enrich, and present product data in a user-friendly manner.

Using advanced AI algorithms, the platform combines product master data from various sources like manufacturers, retailers, and pharmaceutical companies. It then improves these datasets by adding relevant meta tags and associations based on specific product details. Users access this information through Lazuli PDP.

Manufacturing Customer Use Cases

Company A: Nominalization and normalization of data in POS data analysis

In analyzing POS data obtained from all types of businesses, the preparation of the original data, which must be done prior to analysis, takes an enormous amount of time.

Nominalize POS data to be obtained from various businesses that wholesale products. Data preparation prior to analysis is the most important step to make the analysis smoother. When POS data is obtained from various businesses, inconsistencies in half-width and full-width characters and shaky names may occur for each business. Lazuli PDP allows you to normalize inconsistent data before analyzing POS data, making it possible to start data analysis smoothly. This reduces man-hours spent on data preparation and increases the emphasis on analysis.

With Lazuli PDP, work that used to take 200 hours per month can be done in a matter of minutes or the next business day (from the Asahi Beverage Case Study). This allows us to spend more time on product and competitive analysis than ever before, leading to more sophisticated proposals to retailers.


– Problem

Significant manpower is required to maintain data in a format that can be analyzed, which was maintained in a format for each business partner.

– How to use Lazuli PDP

Nominalization of POS data, normalization and enrichment of product information

– Effectiveness

Man-hours that used to take 200 hours per month can now be completed from minutes to the next business day.

Company B: Improved customer engagement through deeper customer understanding

Connecting and analyzing product information to customer purchase and behavioral data will lead to an understanding of customer preferences and values.

Customer values and preferences that could not be seen from customer purchase data or behavioral data alone can be revealed by combining the product feature tags assigned by Lazuli PDP, greatly evolving customer understanding. By utilizing this information in CRM, customer brand experience and customer engagement will evolve.

By combining various characteristics of products as product data, it becomes possible to decipher various life scenes, such as “health-conscious,” “family-oriented,” and “addicted to outdoor activities,” which could not be seen only from customer purchase data.


– Problem

Lack of data-driven customer understanding

– How to use Lazuli PDP

Add product feature tags to each product data using Lazuli PDP

– Effectiveness

Deepen customer understanding. Improve customer engagement when combined with CRM.

Various companies in the manufacturing industry have implemented Lazuli PDP, including:

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