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Improve advertising effectiveness with Lazuli PDPs

Appropriate targeting of advertisements is the key to success in modern marketing initiatives. With content becoming more diverse and consumer interests changing daily, it is not easy to understand what customers really want. What does it take to capture the customer’s attention?

Lazuli PDP contributes to improved targeting accuracy by combining customer and product data. Understanding the actual customer needs and presenting appropriate messages enables sophisticated campaign management that increases cost-effectiveness.

Improved targeting accuracy

Successful advertising comes from a deep customer understanding.A clear understanding of the context and reasons why a particular product is attracting customers can help us understand the values that are important to them. By utilizing the feature tags that Lazuli PDP adds to your product master, the answer to this question becomes clear. Specific customer interests can be identified, which allows for more effective targeting.

Focus on creativity and strategy

Retargeting is a marketing technique that targets users who have visited a website or e-commerce site once to display ads for highly similar products again. This method is an essential strategy in digital marketing because it improves the user’s revisit rate and probability of purchase.

However, hand-picking the right products for retargeting is a time-consuming process, so Lazuli PDP can quickly generate truly effective retargeting lists through a combination of its extensive product database and advanced AI technology. This allows marketers and advertisers to focus on more creative work and strategy development.

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Utilize data to maximize advertising effectiveness

Integration of CDP and PDP

Understanding your customers is the most important aspect of retargeting, so Lazuli PDP adds unique features of each product to your product master as product feature tags, using the product name and JAN code (or part number or model number) as keys. Integrating this data with customer purchase data enables an understanding of customer preferences and lifestyles, which until now has been difficult to understand in detail. Lazuli PDP also handles the time-consuming task of connecting customer purchase data with product data, allowing you to spend more time building strategies such as which products to retarget to customers with which preferences.

Integration of CRM and PDP

CRM is used in communication with customers, but when is the best time to communicate with them? Let’s combine customer behavior data with product data to understand customer lifestyles and design retargeting with the right content at the right time.

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