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what is product data

What is Product Data

Essential Product
Data for

Unveiling the use of product data as a new driving force for business growth. We explore how information not previously included in traditional product master can contribute to the advancement of business.

What is Product Data

Product data is more than just a tool for transaction and sales management; it is a multi-faceted asset that provides valuable information to customers and supports data-driven decision-making. By comprehensively integrating data points such as category information, feature tags, and reviews, which have traditionally been overlooked, businesses can gain deep insights into customer behavior, enhancing the customer experience and accelerating business growth.

The Dynamism of Product Data

The Dynamism of
Product Data

Product data has different aspects depending on its intended use. It is not static and is also characterized by continuous fluctuations in market needs, changes in consumer behavior, reviews, and updated product specifications. 

The Possibilities Unlocked by Product Data

Utilization for Analysis

As digital transformation progresses, the need for data analysis is growing, but many companies face a shortage of necessary data for analysis.


01 Customer Analysis

Customer Attributes × Purchase Data
× Product Data

Having product data enables a deeper understanding of customers' preferences and lifestyles, insights that were previously obscured.


02 Inventory Management

Inventory Master × Product Data

Utilizing product data allows for the addition of category information, facilitating proper inventory management.


03 Market Trend Analysis

POS Data × Product Data

Easily supplement the essential information for product master needed in POS analysis.

Providing Information
to Customers

As sales channels diversify, it's necessary to provide consistent product information across all channels to customers. However, traditional master data alone is insufficient for selling products digitally.

Providing Information
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