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What is PDP

Data Utilization

The Product Data Platform (PDP) is a platform that consolidates and manages siloed product information and uses AI/ML technology to generate and process data into a form that is easy to utilize and integrate.

AI-Powered Product Data Platform

PDP integrates various types of data related to products and performs data processing and generation for automatic integration with various tools.

Lazuli PDP data

Why a Product Data Platform?

In an era where data utilization dictates business success or failure, organizing and leveraging the diverse data accumulated within a company is a significant managerial challenge. PDP addresses this issue by consolidating scattered data under a unified management system and transforming it into a user-friendly format, thereby unleashing the true value of the data.


What Is Product Data

Product data transcends traditional 'product master' data used for transaction and sales management, and represents multifaceted information aimed at providing customer insights and facilitating data analysis. By integrating previously overlooked data such as category information and reviews, it enhances customer experience and contributes to the growth of a business.


Challenges and

Companies possess a wide variety of data, and the methods to utilize this data are equally extensive. However, there are barriers to effective data utilization, such as the difficulty of management and a lack of specialized skills. PDP helps to remove these obstacles, aiding companies in realizing the full potential of their data utilization.

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