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Basic Knowledge of PDP

Quickly Grasp the
of PDP

A guide to understanding the basics of Product Data Platform (PDP), its functions, and benefits in a concise manner.


What Exactly is PDP?

PDP (Product Data Platform) is a platform that integrates and manages a variety of siloed data, with product data as the key, and arranges it in a format that is easy to utilize and connect.


What can PDP do?

Integrate Siloed Data

PDP consolidates all data dispersed across various departments within a company into a single database. It integrates necessary data sources for easy data management and sharing.

Cleanse and Process Product Data

Using advanced AI, machine learning, and proprietary algorithms, PDP refines and normalizes your data into a user-friendly format, providing customers with polished product information.

Collect Product Data

Lazuli gathers a vast range of product information from the internet. With its advanced technology, Lazuli efficiently collects and processes large volumes of data, establishing a foundation that consistently offers the most current and relevant information.


How is PDP Useful?

Data Utilization for Various Strategies

The applications for data, such as BI, CDP, CRM, and e-commerce, are diversifying. PDP allows data processing in formats tailored to your specific use case.

Enhancing Customer Understanding and Experience

Combining CDP with PDP allows for a deeper insight into customer preferences that cannot be deciphered by customer data alone. This enables the provision of even more personalized customer experiences.

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