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Improve Customer In-Store Experience with Lazuli PDP

While more and more products are being sold digitally, business in brick-and-mortar stores remains a major part of the business. In this context, the move to seamlessly connect all channels as well as traditional store operations is becoming increasingly important.

Lazuli PDP integrates with various tools such as retail media, POPs, e-shelf tags, and payment apps to present personalized product information and product listings. This accomplishes two following things:
1. Increase customer engagement
2. Increase sales

Provide product information that customers need

With products being sold through all channels, brands need to provide customers with the information they need precisely. Having the necessary information at the right time in the customer’s buying experience has a significant impact on engagement. Provide comprehensive information that is relevant to the purchasing decision.

Seamless customer experience

The contact points between companies and customers are diversifying, including stores, apps, and e-commerce sites. For companies, various responses and actions are required, but for customers, everything is a sequence of purchasing experiences. Design your product to provide a seamless customer experience across all channels, from learning about the product to making a purchase.

Lazuli PDP integrates all of your data centered on product data with Lazuli’s advanced AI/ML technology. The integrated data is output in a format suitable for a variety of tools you use, enabling smooth integration and data utilization.

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Using data to personalize the customer experience

Obtain insights from customer data x product data

Lazuli PDP allows you to add each product’s unique features as tags to your product master, using the product name and JAN code (or product number or model number) as keys. By combining these feature tags with customer purchase data and behavioral data managed by CDP, etc., a one-step deeper understanding of customer preferences and lifestyles can be achieved. 

Channelless and personalized experience design

Understanding the customer’s preferences and lifestyle will help you discover which channels and how to communicate with them so that the customer has a consistent experience. In addition, designing more personalized recommendations and presenting a list of products according to that customer’s preferences will create a more personalized impression and increase customer engagement.

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