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Deeper customer understanding with Lazuli PDP

It has become common to utilize customer purchase data and behavioral data, but it has also become essential to utilize data on the products that customers actually bought.

Lazuli PDP makes it possible to combine customer purchase data and behavioral data obtained through CDP and other means with product data to improve deeper customer understanding and help design communications that are optimal for each customer. This allows the following two things to be achieved:
1. In-depth analysis of customer preferences and lifestyles
2. Design optimal marketing communications for customers and utilization of CRM

New value of product data

Lazuli PDP has the ability to crawl product information on the Web and provide cleansing of the vast amount of data it has collected. One of these features is the ability to add “feature tags,” which are product-specific characteristics of the product itself, to your product master. This makes it possible to find out similarities among the features of multiple products purchased by a customer and to explore the customer’s preferences and lifestyle, whereas previously information alone could only provide qualitative information on the characteristics of each product.

Deepening customer personas

Through this analysis by associating product feature tags, it allows us to understand what kind of values and preferences our customers have and how they are living. This enables a deeper understanding of who your target customers are, which can lead to more precise marketing measures.

Increasing density with customers in marketing communications

A deeper understanding of customer personas will enable more optimal communication. It will be possible to conduct campaigns that target customers who are likely to become their best customers and implement measures to prevent good customers from leaving the company. It is possible to design recommendations that are “products preferred by people who bought that product,” rather than just recommending similar products to customers who have already bought the product once.

Lazuli PDP is a platform that integrates, processes, and connects various master data held by customers, using product data as a key. We process data in line with your future business form, and prepare that data into a form that can be integrated with external tools.

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Maintain data to create an optimal customer experience

Processing data on product features

Lazuli acquires product descriptions and reviews from various pages of manufacturers’ websites, malls, online stores, etc., and organizes them into feature tags for each product. Lazuli PDP makes it possible to add these tags to your product master data with the product name and JAN code (or part number or model number) as a key. In addition to tagging, it is also possible to organize the tags into categories for various analysis purposes and to process the data you have.

Integration of CDP and PDP

Understanding customers is essential to selling products to customers, and by combining customer attribution data, customer purchase data, and product data, unprecedented insights can be gained. Lazuli PDP can automate the time-consuming process of integrating customer purchase data and product data, eliminating the need to maintain the data necessary for analysis and allowing you to spend more time on the most time-consuming analysis tasks.

Integration of CRM and PDP

The key to keeping customers engaged is when and how you communicate with them. By integrating customer behavior data (CRM) and product data (PDP), you can gain an understanding of your customers’ lifestyles and design communications that are appropriate at the right time and with the appropriate content.

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