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Product database to support increasing EC Sales

In order to respond to the situation where digital sales, such as e-commerce sites and online supermarkets, have become the norm, it is essential to have product master data and product data that are compatible with digital sales, in addition to the existing product master data.

Lazuli PDP automatically adds product data to the product master data for physical stores, using the JAN code as the key components from Lazuli PDP (Product Data Platform)*. This enables the following three things to be achieved:
① Reducing man-hours required to increase the number of products on the EC
② Increasing EC Sales
③ Enhancing the customer experience visiting the EC

Auto processing lacking information in the product master data for EC

Digital sales have become the norm, and in addition to product information such as “product name” and “price,” a great deal of product data such as “product description,” ” specifications,” and “search keywords” is now required. Lazuli PDP enables a significant reduction of human resources by supplementing the data that has been collected manually by using the vast amount of product data held by Lazuli PDP.

Increased number of products handled → Increased EC sales

Reducing the significant resources required to collect product data, allows for a greater number of products to be handled at the EC. This helps us to deal with what your customers want. In addition, more information can be posted for each product, which improves conversion rates and leads to higher sales.

Enhance search keywords and boost traffic in the EC

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store where customers can walk around and pick up products they are interested in, customers cannot reach the products on an e-commerce site without the appropriate search keywords set by the operator. Displaying the products that customers want appropriately when they search for them improves the customer’s buying experience and leads to many product purchases.

High accuracy recommendations using product feature tags

What does your customer really want to buy? Combining analysis using not only customer behavior data, but also feature tags for each product, a product recommendation system can be built to better match customer preferences. Rather than just recommending similar products, we encourage customers to make the best combination purchases by recommending the colors, scents, textures, and other tastes that they prefer.

Lazuli PDP provides data to the customer’s product master from Lazuli’s vast proprietary database of product data. Cleansing and maintaining data on the Internet using advanced AI/ML technology makes it possible to process data in a way that meets the needs of our clients and is in line with future forms of business.

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Processing and integration features that lead to successful EC

Data Expansion and Processing

Data is added from PDP to your product master using the product name and JAN code (product number or model number) as a key. Product descriptions and word-of-mouth reviews are obtained from various pages of manufacturers’ websites, malls, and online stores, and the data is cleansed and provided in a format that can be easily given to your product masters. Estimating variations of the same product, such as different sizes or different capacities, and generating descriptions are also supported as part of the data processing.

Data Integration

Channels, number of products handled, and volume of information are important to gain sales and market share in digital sales. When there are multiple sales channels, Lazuli PDP can automate the time-consuming task of maintaining a master for each channel. Since data is maintained and linked according to the specifications of malls and e-commerce sites, the number of channels can be easily increased simply by managing the product master of the main source on LazuliPDP.

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