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Lazuli PDP consolidates siloed and diverse internal data into one place for accurate information management

The larger the company, the more departments and products it has, and the more internal data it has. However, if this data is fragmented across organizations, information becomes inconsistent and difficult to manage.

To solve this problem, Lazuli PDP integrates and connects siloed data within the company. It integrates all data related to products around a single common key. This will achieve the following three:
1. Integration of all data into one huge master
2. Ensure the accuracy of data used internally
3. Output all data in any format you need

Integrate siloed data scattered throughout the company

Various data are managed in various departments in a company, such as planning, manufacturing, factories, and so on. LazuliPDP allows you to consolidate different data sources into one place for efficient and centralized management of all data in your company.

From personalized data to more unified use of data

Managing and utilizing data in a single source, which previously was managed in different formats and standards by different departments and individuals, will greatly improve the accuracy of the information. A unified base of data output by all members of all departments will ensure that everyone has access to the same, up-to-date data.

Output data to various collaboration tools

Each department uses data for different purposes and with a variety of tools. To accommodate this diversity, the data merged in Lazuli PDP is designed to output data according to the format of the tools you use. This has the advantage of greatly reducing the man-hours required to process data for each format.

Lazuli PDP is a platform that integrates, processes, and connects various master data held by customers, using product data as a key. We process data in line with your future business form, and prepare that data into a form that can be integrated with external tools.

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Integration features for seamless data management

Data integration

Integrate various data scattered throughout the company into one place with product data as a key. We process and expand your product data using a variety of methods in relation to the product information held by your company.

Data output and linkage

With Lazuli’s advanced AI technology, product information is quickly and accurately processed. This dramatically streamlines the creation of product master data for e-commerce sites and mall stores, various analysis tools, and customer understanding and CDP collaboration. By reducing tremendously the data maintenance work that analysts used to struggle with manually, they can concentrate on their original creative analytical work.

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